Заповеди школы ВЕДВОЙ

The rules of Vedvoy:

  • A Human is the Soul.
  • All people are initially equal. If you raised yourself upon others, that is the illusion of arrogance.
  • Be able to put the interests of others higher than your own ones.
  • Do not raise yourself upon people. Be able to listen if you know what they are going to tell you. Trace the arrogance in yourself.
  • Learn to do everything from your Soul.
  • Modesty is a virtue.
  • Be responsible of your words and actions.
  • Do not laugh at others` minuses – find yours.
  • There is no stronger enemy than you are. Find an equal enemy in yourself and grapple with him.
  • Everything is interconnected in the world. If you deceived a person – then somebody will deceive you. If you helped a person – you helped yourself.
  • Learn to think originally. Be higher than dogmas. Each dogma narrows the perception of the world.
  • Act in accordance with the behest of your inner voice. That is the advice of your Soul – it won’t deceive.
  • Arrogance is the main human enemy.