Руководитель ВЕДВОЙ

The head of school “Vedvoy” Popov I.A.

Education degree is the higher pedagogical.

In 2001, defended his first degree with the subject of the Russian hand-to-hand fighting.

Has the experience in martial arts for more than 30 years.

1987-1990 Karate-do;

1990-1994 U-shu (Tai Chi Chuan Chen);

Studies the Russian martial art more than 20 years. Studied different directions: Saratov school; Kadochnikov`s system; “Shkval”, etc.

The experience in teaching the Russian style of hand-to-hand fighting for more than 18 years.

From 2000 met and gained experience from such famous masters of the Russian hand-to-hand fighting as: A.A. Kadochnikov, A.L. Lavrov, M.V. Ryabko, D.V. Skogorev, A.E. Belousov, I.V. Grigoriev.

The pedagogical education and the constant analysis of domestic martial systems gave the opportunity to create and to work out the methodology of teaching hand-to-hand fighting.

The author of seminar programs by the methodologies of hand-to-hand fighting.