Russian hand-to-hand fighting.

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VEDVOY in Russian means “warrior, witting the good”

If you look deeply into the essence of martial art, it becomes clear that hand-to-hand fighting is not the aim itself, but the means, which helps a person to cognize profound components of his nature through the work on his own body. Hand-to-hand fighting, as long as any other practices of self-perfection (for example, yoga), starts from the disclosure of body’s opportunities. Further, people open up the opportunities of consciousness and come to advance of Spiritual potential of a person. Russian martial art (Russian style) always assisted the learners in Spiritual growth.

At school “VEDVOY” we examine the opportunities of body and consciousness by means of hand-to-hand fighting and natural motions. The nature of motions returns a person to his own nature, develops sensitivity and conscience. It gives us the recurrence of essence of the world-view.

The main factor is relaxation. By relaxing in the movement we release the body and the consciousness, and it gives us the opportunity to come to more delicate perception of the world surrounding us and the running processes.

By the perception of natural motions we come to the conscience of our essence and the world which surrounds us. Our task is to cognize the essence of movement, to detect the processes, which run in it… Through the vision of this essence we go to the broadening of our own borders, i.e. to the switching of inner reserves and opportunities of human’s entity, consciousness and Spiritual potential.

Studying Russian martial art, we disclose the consciousness and opening of: human’s psychology; the work of subconsciousness; the intuition; the operation of our consciousness; the development of Spiritual constituent of a person and the harmony with the world.

All of this and other methods we master by the practice of hand-to-hand fighting.

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The programme:

  • Exercises for coordination;
  • Self-protection and fighting acrobatics: the technics of incidences, spins, rifts, which are used for relocations, defense and attacks;
  • Special acrobatics and hand-to-hand fighting on the stairs: solo and group work;
  • Hand-to-hand fighting: balance removal, the defense against attacks, strikes, the defense in a limited space, the defense from a lying position, the fight against several opponents, the optimization of movements: a groundwork of short movements in battle situations; work without a sight;
  • The work with weapons: chain, stick, knife, submachine gun, pistol, spade, at hand tools (pen, comb, lighter, etc);
  • Psychological and psychophysical training for hand-to-hand fighting and for different lifelike situations: the formation of psychological martial skills, the study of psychophysical human reactions and work with them, etc);
  • The opening of the backup brain opportunities through the body language of Russian Fight;
  • Health-improving and recreating methods and other technics.


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